Make an Enormous Impact with a Future Gift

August Is National Make a Will Month

A legally binding Last Will and Testament, commonly referred to as a will, is one of the most important things you can put in place for your loved ones. A will ensures your personal and financial assets are protected and distributed per your request; without one, your assets become subject to distribution by local and state law. Despite their importance in our society, a recent Gallop poll discovered that only 46% of Americans have a will.

“A high priority for all of us should be to leave our families with a thoughtfully planned will. It's something many of us put off, but it would tremendously help relieve the burden on those we leave behind,” said George Jamieson, American Liver Foundation (ALF) National Chair, Alumni Association. “And while you’re creating your will, please give some thought to a legacy gift to the American Liver Foundation.”

You Can Make an Enormous Impact With a Future Gift

When you include ALF in your will, your generosity helps us continue helping the nearly 100 million Americans affected by liver disease.

“We became involved with ALF in the early 1990’s after my wife Gina was infected with Hepatitis C. In 20 years, we’ve seen great work done by ALF – including that which helped lead to a cure for Hepatitis C.  As beneficiaries of ALF’s education, resources and support services, we must continue to support ALF’s future endeavors in hopes of spreading education and awareness and one day eradicate all liver diseases,” said Bob Pollichino, National ALF Board Member and Chair of ALF’s Finance Committee.

The Gift That Costs Nothing During Your Lifetime

Launched earlier this year, ALF’s planned giving campaign makes it easier than ever to include ALF in your will. By visiting, you can find simple, easy to use tools to help you uncover options that work best for you and your goals and choose a plan based on giving amount, age or assets.

To learn more about how you can make an enormous impact on the liver community by giving a gift that costs nothing during your lifetime, visit or contact Sheri Singer at

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