Leadership Giving Society

Your Gift Can Help ALF Create a World Without Liver Disease

The ALF Leadership Giving Society recognizes the most loyal and generous annual supporters who have made a significant gift to ensure the ALF mission to promote education, advocacy, support services and research for the prevention, treatment and cure of liver disease.

Hero - $25,000 and above

  • Medical and programmatic updates tailored to your specific interest(s), including but not limited to: research, NASH*, Liver Cancer, Pediatric Health, Hep C
  • Key gatherings of Premier Level members to discuss the future of ALF (varies by market)
  • Dedicated staff member to discuss your specific interests
  • Includes benefits from the Champion level

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Champion - $12,500 – $24,999

  • Customized opportunities to meet with ALF National Staff, Board and Medical Advisory Committee Members
  • Access to ALF healthcare leaders who will share information about life-saving developments in science and healthcare
  • Invitations to VIP receptions and specialized dinners (varies by market)
  • Includes benefits from the Leader level

Give Today

Leader - $5,000 – $12,499

  • Invitation to an exclusive virtual Lab tour by an ALF Research Recipient
  • Opportunity to be recognized during one month for the program of your choice, such as ALF’s Helpline, Support Communities, Ask The Experts, etc.
  • Access to unique networking experiences with other Society members
  • Includes benefits from the Ambassador level

Give Today

Ambassador - $2,500 – $4,999

  • Recognition in one quarterly newsletter
  • Updates from ALF Leadership highlighting the impact of philanthropy
  • Invitation to an Academic Debate in your area if applicable
  • Includes benefits from the Advocate level

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Advocate - $1,500 – $2,499

  • Recognition in Annual Report
  • Recognition on the ALF Leadership Giving Society’s webpage

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Society Members


  • Anonymous
  • Mike Braunstein and Betsy Crawford
  • Gail Marion Brown
  • Jeannie M and James M. Goldberg
  • Maximilian E. and Marion O. Hoffman Foundation, Inc.
  • Michael and Susan Kerr
  • Marjie and Thomas F. Nealon III
  • Margaret G. Picarelli
  • Robert and Gina Pollichino
  • Joyce and Walter Senney


  • Anonymous
  • Ann Jamieson Bullion
  • Nicholas J. DeRoma
  • Raymond and Kathleen Epes
  • Edward Pergiovanni
  • Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Weil


  • Anonymous
  • Aboud Affi, MD
  • James L. Boyer, MD
  • Carol L. Brosgart, MD
  • Lawrence Burgart, MD
  • William A. Carpenter, Jr.
  • Sing Chan, MD, FACG
  • Michael Chen
  • Peter Cullen
  • Allan Doerr
  • Micheal and Anne Doyen
  • Lisa and Lee Einbinder
  • Karan Emerick, MD
  • Colleen Farrell
  • Kimberly Caruso-Fast
  • Steve Fern, DO
  • Silvino M. Ferreira
  • Louis and Theresa Fresolone
  • Ana Hughes-Freund
  • T. Clark Gamblin, MD
  • John and Kate Gates
  • Robert Graziano
  • Grace Gunning
  • Kristen Hanks
  • George and Kristyn Jamieson
  • Jeff Kamin
  • Michael and Nancy Keller
  • Drs. Anita Kohli and Pratik Patel
  • Dr. James M. & Rebecca Lally
  • Jay Luly, MD
  • Brian MacMahon
  • Lisa Nyberg
  • Nancy Reau, MD
  • Mitchell J. Riesenberger
  • Shirley and Seymour Rubin
  • Stacey Schneider
  • Matthew Schulz
  • R. Sierk
  • Nicole Smith, PhD
  • Karen Hoffman Snyder
  • Karen Steinberg
  • Susan and Joe Stone
  • Tamar H. Taddei, MD
  • Marc Waldor
  • Andrew Whitman
  • Tom and Jane Wulf


  • Anonymous
  • J. Allison
  • Gina Baixauli
  • Caroline Berlinger
  • Tina Botti
  • Alistair Craig
  • Gary Dudley
  • Laura Fortin
  • Matthew Goward
  • Grant Haley
  • Nathan Knitt
  • T. Kranenburg & P. Gibson
  • Elizabeth LaBelle
  • Daved Langguth
  • Mackenzie LeBert
  • Nicole Levy
  • Anthony Madrid, MD
  • Amy Maguire
  • Christopher L. Marsh, MD, FACS
  • Paul Martin, MD
  • Heidi Montijo
  • Karen Murray, MD
  • Becky O’Brien
  • James O’Connell
  • Marco Vinicio Escobar Páez
  • Mr. and Mrs. R. Frederic Rasch
  • Noah L. Rosenberg, MD
  • Liz and Justin Ryan
  • Raymond Schinazi
  • JoAnn Shaw
  • Nicole Shipitofsky
  • Robin Stairman
  • Darren Stakey
  • Emmanuel Thomas M.D., Ph.D., FAASLD
  • Scott Tross
  • Katelynn Vuong
  • Deveril Wint
  • Valerie Zehetner


  • Anonymous
  • Sherry M. Alvarado
  • Vinit Amin
  • David N. Assis, MD
  • Steven Banwell
  • Steve and Anne Baum
  • Julie Beadle
  • Yolanda R. Belmont, LCSW
  • Ceara Bowman
  • Kathleen Chapski
  • Charlie’s Angels
  • Molly Clark
  • Maria Corral
  • Derek and Shelbie DeZell
  • Ryan Dillon
  • Tina Dooley
  • Dan Eide
  • Alan Epstein, MD
  • Kathleen Flynn
  • David Frank
  • Paul Gaglio, MD
  • Marc Glotzbecker
  • John Goff, MD
  • Michael G. Hausknost
  • R. Bruce Johnson, MD
  • David & Jan Johnston
  • John J. Hong, MD
  • Randall and Amy Huber
  • Timothy Kelly
  • Michael Kim
  • Jason Kropp
  • Thomas J. Krumenack
  • Clark Kulig, MD
  • Thomas Lambert
  • Nicole Levy
  • John Lovett
  • Michael Michaux III
  • Randie Odebralski
  • Nadia Ovchinsky, MD
  • Jesse Peterson
  • Robert and Deborah Proctor
  • Barb Purcell
  • Sameer Rahman
  • Christian B. Ramers, MD, MPH, AAHIVS
  • Irene Riego-Klauer
  • Shelley Rossell
  • Lisa Rossi, MD
  • Dorothy Schachne
  • Philicity Schultz
  • Patricia Sheiner, MD
  • Heather Shulick
  • Jason Sparks
  • Randal G. Sprecher
  • Nicolle Sugrue
  • Steve and Britney Thacker
  • William Tobin
  • Laurel Valentino
  • Lindsey Van Hoven
  • Hugo and Susan Vargas
  • Kara Waddell
  • Allan and Claire Wolkoff
  • Marsha Yagiela
  • Isabel Zacharias, MD
  • Andrea and Ali Zarrinpar, MD, PhD

The ALF Legacy Society honors individuals who have made a provision in their estate plans or who establish a life-income plan or other deferred giving arrangement that benefit ALF in the future. Learn more about the ALF Legacy Society and information on gifts through estates or long range plans. For more information, contact Heidi Daniels at 781-883-4489.

*Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) has been newly renamed metabolic dysfunction associated steatohepatitis or MASH

Last updated on March 19th, 2024 at 03:21 pm

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