Position Statement on Hepatitis A and Vaccination

  • WHEREAS, the hepatitis A virus (HAV) is hardy and continuously reintroduced into the US;
  • WHEREAS, that HAV is an important illness, the scope of which has been underestimated;
  • WHEREAS, that outbreaks of HAV are still a threat that take a toll on all Americans;
  • WHEREAS, the incidence of hepatitis A is more common than hepatitis B or hepatitis C;
  • WHEREAS, incidence of hepatitis A goes beyond well-defined risk groups (e.g., people with chronic liver disease, travelers, men who have sex with men);
  • WHEREAS, hepatitis A is estimated to infect some 35,000 people a year;
  • WHEREAS, hepatitis A hospitalizes some 22% of those adults infected, an estimated 100 of whom die annually;
  • WHEREAS, children are a reservoir for hepatitis A infection and represent the single most important point of intervention in the effort to eliminate the transmission of the disease
  • WHEREAS, routine HAV vaccination of children to eliminate community-wide HAV is a tactic that both works and is cost effective;


  • Education efforts should be increased to underscore the urgency of hepatitis A vaccination to at-risk groups (e.g., people with chronic liver disease, travelers, men who have sex with men);
  • Policy makers should make hepatitis A vaccination universal for children nationwide;
  • Education and advocacy should be pursued at the federal and state level to accomplish this;
  • The American Liver Foundation will identify steps to promote this resolution.

Last updated on September 18th, 2023 at 11:33 am

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