Organ Donation Policy

Regarding organ donation benefits, the American Liver Foundation resolves that:

  • Organs should not be bought or sold;
  • Donation of organs should not be a financial burden to family or donors;
  • Financial or logistical obstacles should be minimized to the extent possible for organ donations made voluntarily by families or donors;
  • Accommodations to achieve the above should be referred to as “Donation Benefits,” rather than termed as “inducements” or “incentives;”
  • Policy makers should focus attention to considerations or benefits to donors that will increase the rates of donation and be equitable across society; and
  • The Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) should define by regulation the meaning of “valuable consideration” per the National Organ Transplant Act and be empowered to authorize demonstration projects aimed at increasing organ donation rates applying the concept of valuable consideration but not the trafficking of human organs.

Regarding organ donation consent, the American Liver Foundation resolves that:

  • Policy makers need to actively explore different models of consent for organ donation, including presumed consent, and determine what model more effectively increases the level of donation consistent with societal values;
  • In making such a determination, due regard should be given to the medical, legal, ethical and psycho-social implications of the different models;
  • Education and outreach requirements of these different models need to be considered; and physicians seeking consent of family members of individuals who have not made their organ decisions become familiar with
  • The need for donated organs
  • The care of grieving families
  • The proper medical/social screening of potential donors
  • The decision making process and the tools to influence it;

Last updated on September 18th, 2023 at 11:27 am

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