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Raising Awareness in Memory of Dad
June 3, 2024

After losing their father to liver cancer just three months after being diagnosed, Kate, John and Patrick Bayeux decided to channel their grief into raising awareness about liver disease and eliminating negative stigmas. To commemorate the 10-year anniversary of their father’s passing, the three siblings ran the 2024 New York City Half Marathon together and raised more than $10,000 for ALF this year!

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A Legendary Mission to Raise Public Awareness 
April 22, 2024

After his father passed away from liver cancer in 1999, Jim made it his mission to raise public awareness of liver disease and raise funds for liver disease research by running marathons in his memory. This year, as Jim approaches his 300th marathon, he has challenged himself to raise $100,000 for ALF. Read about Jim's legendary mission and how he hopes to change the face of liver disease one step at a time.

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A Life Dedicated to Promoting Second Chances
April 1, 2024

After nearly losing her life to alcohol use disorder and alcohol-associated liver disease, Beth has dedicated her second chance to honoring the gift of life she received. Learn more about Beth’s inspiring story and how she is helping to eliminate stigma and break down barriers to organ donation.

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A Decade-long Mystery
March 1, 2024

When Bruce began feeling continuously fatigued, he assumed it was just his workload. Unfortunately, it ended up becoming an all-consuming mystery. Learn about Bruce’s story and how his persistence finally helped him achieve a working diagnosis and how he is now giving back to move forward.

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Rare Disease Day 2024
February 29, 2024

Bruce Dimmig, motivated ALF Advocacy Ambassador and volunteer extraordinaire, has been living with the uncertainties of life with a rare liver disease for more than a decade and a half. Read about his story and how his persistence helped him get to a working diagnosis nearly ten years later.

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Where there is love there is life
February 1, 2024

Meet Kathy, a passionate ALF Advocacy Ambassador and loving wife and caregiver to husband, PJ, who underwent a liver transplant in 2018.

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Al B. Sure! Launches National Advocacy Role as Ambassador for Liver Awareness during Liver Awareness Month
October 18, 2023

Globally celebrated singer, songwriter, producer, social activist & podcast host Al B. Sure! to lead the American Liver Foundation’s Houston “New Jack Liver Life Walk”

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In my case, this diagnosis was preventable
September 8, 2023

While caring for his ailing mother, Daniel let his own health go by the wayside. By the time he decided to take back control, it was too late. Read about Daniels story and importance of liver health and liver disease prevention.

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Only 30% of organ donors represent people from diverse and under-represented communities
July 31, 2023

David waited for more than a year to receive his transplant from a living donor. Help ALF reach more people from diverse communities and spread awareness on how to become a living donor.

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Chronic Liver Disease Brought Us Together
June 30, 2023

Chris and Kaila bonded over their diagnosis, their passion for running and so many other things. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months and months into years – it was clear this was more than a friendship, this was forever.

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A Positive Role Model for All
June 1, 2023

As a young man, I didn’t want people to think I was perpetually sick; and I wasn’t going to let liver disease define me.

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I had no idea how to help him navigate this scary and unpredictable diagnosis
May 1, 2023

Stacey became involved with ALF after attending a caregivers’ program at the hospital where her partner, Zach was diagnosed with end stage liver disease.

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