Viral Hepatitis

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A virus (HAV) usually goes away on its own in almost all cases with no serious complications. However, HAV may cause some patients to suffer liver failure.

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Hepatitis B

About 95% of adults who are exposed to Hepatitis B virus (HBV) fully recover within 6 months (acute) without medication. About 5% have it all their lives (chronic) unless they are successfully treated.

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Hepatitis C Information Center

Hepatitis C is a virus that affects the liver. It is the leading cause of liver failure and end stage liver disease and is a major cause of liver transplants in the United States.

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Hepatitis D

Hepatitis Delta (HDV) is one of several infections that can cause damage to the liver. (Others include hepatitis A, B, C). HDV harms liver cells causing inflammation (swelling).

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HCV/HIV Coinfection

HCV/HIV coinfection means that a person has both viruses at the same time. For every 100 people with HIV, approximately 21 of them also have HCV.

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