Our Inspiration

Devoted to Liver Health Education

Phil Scarfo

Philip C. Scarfo will forever be remembered as a leader of liver health education and resources at the American Liver Foundation (ALF).

After receiving a lifesaving liver transplant in 2000, Phil wished to give back to others struggling with their liver journey. In 2006, he became a dedicated member of the ALF staff serving as a part-time staffer in our former Connecticut Division. Phil’s role flourished and soon, he took the lead in delivering community-based liver health education programs. Phil also developed many of our national core programs and the resource center used by ALF today. In 2011, Phil became ALF’s National Helpline Specialist and provided information, peace of mind and often, just a trusted and confidential ear in which liver patients and their friends and families could confide.

A Lively and Lovable Legend

Phil exemplified ALF’s core values and his unwavering commitment to the liver community was contagious. He was the person you called if you needed a dose of quick-witted humor or a humble reminder of the reason ALF is here. He was a passionate ALF ambassador, educating thousands of Americans nationwide and an effective advocate at ALF's Advocacy Days and the annual AASLD Liver Meeting. Not to mention, he was always the best dressed person in the room. His lively and lovable personality made anyone who spoke to him feel like family. His calm demeanor and soft voice made anxious and fearful national Helpline callers feel safe and secure.

ALF remembers Phil and his dedication to the liver community. His legacy serves as our inspiration to continue being that trusted ear for liver patients, caregivers, family members and friends when they need it most. Phil will live on forever in ALF’s vision to create a world free of liver disease.

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