Sarcopenia in Cirrhosis

Ben Flikshteyn, MD
AECOM/Montefiore Medical Center

This presentation is an excerpt from the ALF 2021 Poster Competition. This competition showcases posters and a brief video created by early career investigators from across the country on six areas of educational focus: fatty liver disease, liver cancer, liver transplantation, pediatric liver disease, rare liver disease and viral hepatitis. Participants are tasked with translating complicated medical information into a poster which can be easily understood by patients or the public. Posters are reviewed by a formal panel of judges comprised of Medical Advisory Council members, Board Members and friends of ALF to select a winner in each category.

A review of sarcopenia in cirrhosis (definition, pathogenesis, associations, and interventions).

Last updated on December 1st, 2022 at 04:12 pm

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