Qualifying Factors for Liver Transplantation

Zunirah Ahmed, MD and Sudha Kodali, MD
Houston Methodist Hospital

This presentation is an excerpt from the ALF 2021 Poster Competition. This competition showcases posters and a brief video created by early career investigators from across the country on six areas of educational focus: fatty liver disease, liver cancer, liver transplantation, pediatric liver disease, rare liver disease and viral hepatitis. Participants are tasked with translating complicated medical information into a poster which can be easily understood by patients or the public. Posters are reviewed by a formal panel of judges comprised of Medical Advisory Council members, Board Members and friends of ALF to select a winner in each category.

There are various qualifying factors for liver transplantation. Firstly, is acute liver failure which can be secondary to acetaminophen toxicity, alcohol use, viral infections, mushroom poisoning, and liver injury secondary to medications/drugs. Secondly is chronic liver disease or cirrhosis from alcohol, nonalcoholic fatty liver, viral infections, metabolic and autoimmune conditions. Third factor includes primary liver cancer and bile duct cancer. Lastly adequate social and financial support are important qualifying factors for liver transplantation. There are few factors which are contraindication to liver transplantation. These include ongoing substance abuse, smoking, advanced heart and lung condition and recent diagnosis of cancers in other organs.

Last updated on December 1st, 2022 at 04:33 pm

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