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ALF promotes education, advocacy, support services and research for the prevention, treatment and cure of liver disease. ALF Mid-Atlantic provides a wide variety of these services including information and referral, education programs, support groups, exciting fundraising events, and an array of volunteer opportunities.

Sheri Singer
National Director, Engagement

For help with issues related to liver disease, please contact our Help Center by using the Live Chat feature at the bottom of your browser window or call us at (800) 465-4837 Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Time or by email at info@liverfoundation.org.


State of Rhode Island Department of Health

Clinical Trials

Find a Clinical Trial anywhere…

Participating in a clinical trial is a great way to contribute to curing, preventing and treating liver disease and its complications. Start your search here to find clinical trials that need people like you.


NASH Studies with or without Cirrhosis

University Gastroenterology

Open and enrolling (plus four more to begin in the next 90 days)

  • Octeta – Phase II: Insulin modulator for NASH/Non-Cirrhosis
  • Conatus – Phase II: Caspase Inhibitor for NASH/Cirrhosis and Non-Cirrhosis
  • Intercept – Phase III: obetacholic acid/FXR agonist for NASH/antifibrotic
  • Gilead – Phase III: FXR agonist and ASK inhibitor for NASH/Cirrhosis and Non-Cirrhosis
  • Tobira – Phase III: Immunomodulator for NASH/Non-Cirrhosis

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