Liver Patients, Families, and Medical Professionals Walk to End Liver Disease

March 29, 2023

Liver Life Walks in-person nationwide

The American Liver Foundation (ALF) has begun hosting its annual Liver Life Walks for 2023. There will be 17 in-person walks across the country and one virtual walkheld this year. 

Nearly 100 million people in the U.S. are affected by liver diseaseLiver Life Walk has been a signature event of the American Liver Foundation (ALF) since 1999. It allows people affected by liver disease to come together to raise awareness and funds. It also gives them the opportunity to support each other in a festive and inspiring environment. Funds raised through the Liver Life Walk allow ALF to provide valuable resources to liver patients and their families. Together, we are moving closer to a world without liver disease. 

“If you have ever been touched by liver disease, we invite you to join us for this amazing community event,” said Lorraine Stiehl, Chief Executive Officer of American Liver Foundation (ALF). “Liver Life Walk not only raises funds and awareness for liver disease, but it helps create life-long connections and networks of support between patients, families and others affected by liver disease.”  

Liver Life Walks has locations across the U.S. from Seacoast, New Hampshire to Salt Lake City, Utah with walk events running through October 28, 2023. ALF will also host a virtual walk this fall for those unable to attend in-person walks. 

“I did my first Liver Life Walk last year. I felt so blessed and thankful walking with others who have similar stories like mine,” said Ana Almonte, 2023 National LIVEr Champion. “I no longer felt alone and like I was the only one who experienced what I did. God willing, I can continue to attend more walks and raise funds to help the American Liver Foundation continue providing resources to the liver community.”

Find a walk near you and start fundraising today at

About the American Liver Foundation

The American Liver Foundation is the nation’s largest non-profit organization focused solely on promoting liver health and disease prevention. The American Liver Foundation achieves its mission in the fight against liver disease by funding scientific research, education for medical professionals, advocacy, information and support programs for patients and their families as well as public awareness campaigns about liver wellness and disease prevention. The mission of the American Liver Foundation is to promote education, advocacy, support services and research for the prevention, treatment and cure of liver disease. For more information visit or call:1 800 GO LIVER (800-465-4837).

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