Hepatitis D Roundtable to Address Unmet Needs of Patients

April 21, 2022

American Liver Foundation and Hepatitis B Foundation join forces with patients, medical providers and care partners in this virtual two-day event

The American Liver Foundation (ALF) and Hepatitis B Foundation will join forces with key stakeholders concerned with identifying and addressing the unmet needs of people living with hepatitis D virus (HDV). The virtual Hepatitis D roundtable, to be held on April 21 and 22, will bring together medical experts, patients, and care partners in the hopes of finding solutions to some of the most vexing issues facing people living with HDV.

HDV can only infect people who are also infected by the hepatitis B virus (HBV); infection can occur simultaneously (co-infection) or after infection with hep B (super-infection). HDV is often called a disease amplifier because it causes HBV to progress more rapidly resulting in cirrhosis or liver failure, making it more deadly.

“There is a vast unmet need to diagnose, treat, and improve the lives of those living with hepatitis D,” Chari A. Cohen, DrPH, MPH, senior vice president of the Hepatitis B Foundation, said. “We’re confident that the two days of robust discussion will yield valuable new insights and ideas for assisting people living with hepatitis D.”

In addition to addressing unmet needs of people living with HDV, the roundtable participants will seek to develop resources to better support and engage people in hepatitis D management, and open hepatitis D patient-doctor lines of communication to prioritize focus on the liver.

“The link between people suffering from hepatitis B and hepatitis D and liver failure has not been well understood,” said Lorraine Stiehl, chief executive officer of American Liver Foundation. “That’s why we’re so pleased to partner with the Hepatitis B Foundation to help find solutions for patients and families struggling with these diseases and help raise awareness around the strong connection to liver failure.”

The American Liver Foundation and Hepatitis B Foundation will jointly publish a report highlighting lessons learned from the roundtable, as a resource for people living with hepatitis D and their providers. For more information about hepatitis D, visit Hepatitis Delta Connect, the Hepatitis B Foundation’s program dedicated to HDV. Patients and caregivers are invited to join an American Liver Foundation free patient program, “Ask the Experts—Viral Hepatitis (HDV)” on May 19th at 2PM ET featuring leading physicians who will discuss findings and major discussion points from the Hepatitis D Roundtable.

American Liver Foundation

The American Liver Foundation is the nation’s largest non-profit organization focused solely on promoting liver health and disease prevention. The American Liver Foundation achieves its mission in the fight against liver disease by funding scientific research, education for medical professionals, advocacy, information and support programs for patients and their families as well as public awareness campaigns about liver wellness and disease prevention. The mission of the American Liver Foundation is to promote education, advocacy, support services and research for the prevention, treatment and cure of liver disease. For more information visit www.liverfoundation.org or call: 1 800 GO LIVER (800-465-4837). Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.

Hep B Foundation

About the Hepatitis B Foundation: We are the nation’s leading nonprofit organization solely dedicated to finding a cure for hepatitis B and improving the quality of life for those affected worldwide through research, education and patient advocacy. Founded in 1991, the Hepatitis B Foundation is based in Doylestown, Pa., with an office in Washington, D.C. To learn more, go to www.hepb.org and www.hepb30years.org, read our blog at hepb.org/blog, follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (@hepbfoundation) or call us at 215-489-4900. To donate, contact Jean Holmes at 215-489-4900 or jean.holmes@hepb.org.

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