American Liver Foundation Applauds Expansion of Hepatitis C Screening in President’s Budget Proposal

March 9, 2023

Statement from Lorraine Stiehl, Chief Executive Officer, American Liver Foundation

“We applaud President Biden's budget proposal to expand hepatitis C screening, testing, treatment, prevention, and monitoring. The proposed subscription model for drugs to treat hepatitis C and related infrastructure support would be an important step forward towards increasing access to these liver-saving treatments. We thank the President and his administration for their leadership in addressing this critical issue.”

“We also ask that the Administration take similar action for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), now called metabolic dysfunction-associated steatotic liver disease or MASLD, a form of liver disease affecting 80-100 million Americans, most of whom are unaware they even have it. NAFLD is a growing epidemic and can be life-threatening without early screening and accurate diagnosis.”

“We urge Congress to include NAFLD as part of the budget proposal this year and to make it a priority in order to improve the lives of all those affected by this disease.”

About the American Liver Foundation

The American Liver Foundation is the nation’s largest non-profit organization focused solely on promoting liver health and disease prevention. The American Liver Foundation achieves its mission in the fight against liver disease by funding scientific research, education for medical professionals, advocacy, information and support programs for patients and their families as well as public awareness campaigns about liver wellness and disease prevention. The mission of the American Liver Foundation is to promote education, advocacy, support services and research for the prevention, treatment and cure of liver disease. For more information visit or call:1 800 GO LIVER (800-465-4837).

Last updated on December 13th, 2023 at 03:19 pm

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