Peggy R.

Hepatitis C/Liver Cancer

I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 1993. I tried multiple treatment plans back then and nothing worked. My disease continued to ravage my liver, causing so many problems.

Finally, in 2016, I tried a different treatment and was lucky enough to finally get a cure from my Hepatitis C. The road to a healthier liver was in my reach.

Unfortunately, 2 months after treatment, I developed a small 1.7 centimeter hepatocellular cancer tumor in the right lobe of my liver. I was devastated. All the fight to get the cure of Hep C, blew up in my face. I thought my days were numbered.

To my surprise, after meeting with my liver doctor, he offered me a liver resection. Because I was healthy in so many ways, with good lab work and only one tumor under 2cm, I qualified for a liver resection. We decided to go for that, instead of a transplant. If the resection was successful and I could survive that, I would not have to be tied to rejection drugs the rest of my life.

A liver resection is a tough surgery, first month of recovery being crucial while the liver regenerates. How miraculous that we can regrow our liver? I had great hope!

I survived the surgery and looked forward to the task of healing. After being in the hospital a week, I was discharged with a drain and 150 staples in my belly. After a month of constant labs, visits to my hospital, an awful leaking drain, I finally was able to have the drain removed and my labs began to show stability.

The best part? My liver was growing! I was growing a new liver! Once my staples were removed, I was able to start a rehab program in the water, swimming daily to strengthen my body and heal. Through good liver nutrition and training in the water, within 3 months I was walking upright and feeling so much stronger. I was CANCER FREE , just like that!

Today, 4 years later, I still am going strong. It took a lot of dedication to healing and amazing heath care, but here I stand. I utilized all the American Liver Foundation had to offer about foods and nutrition. Food choices being ever so important!

There is life after liver cancer. I am here to prove that! I’ve never looked back, only forward.

My advice to liver patients is to pay attention to your diet, your fluid intake, your overall heath. Exercise as much as you can, simply walking keeps you moving. I found swimming to be my best way to rehab, easy on my joints. Stay in the moment and never look to far down the road.

One day at a time. My one day has turned to 4 years cancer free! Everyday is a gift! Be fierce! Cancer does not control you! You control it!

Last updated on July 11th, 2022 at 04:10 pm

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