Biliary Atresia

The best way we could think of to thank you for your generous support of the American Liver Foundation and to wish you happy holidays is to share this real-life “Noel” story with you.

Without the gifts from friends like you, this adorable little girl might not be alive today. When she was just two months old, Noel was diagnosed with a liver disease called Biliary Atresia. Her parents were devastated when she had to undergo surgery to clear her bile ducts. This delicate operation was successful but over time damaged her liver and began to cause lung problems for Noel as well.

She had to go on oxygen and was placed on a list for a liver transplant. Exactly three years ago, a week before Christmas, she received a liver from a donor. Noel and her family received a truly beautiful gift! Noel’s recovery was so incredibly fast that she was able to be home for Christmas Eve.

“Since the transplant,” beams Noel, “I have so much more energy! I can run and play with my friends. I’m so lucky to be able to live again!”

Noel’s grandmother thanks you and all our other contributors with these kind words:

“We are deeply grateful to the American Liver Foundation for their part in the research and education that helped our darling Noel be strong and healthy again.”

Noel’s story is a happy one, but for every fortunate child like Noel, there are thousands of other kids who are still battling liver disease. They need the programs and services provided by the American Liver Foundation.

And because of them, the American Liver Foundation needs your help and support. That’s why this holiday appeal is so important and that’s why we hope you will help the 30 million Americans with liver disease by sending a special holiday gift today.

You see, our Year-End Holiday Appeal is one of our most critical fundraising activities because every dollar you donate helps make a difference. Your gift enables us to provide assistance to those affected by liver disease, fund promising medical research and promote education and awareness about liver health and wellness.

We need your support to educate your neighbors through our core programs like Love Your Liver that reaches thousands of students, and Treatment Choices Initiative that increases knowledge among participants.

Your gift will help us enhance and expand vital support services like our toll-free National Help Line (800-GO-LIVER /800 465-4837), support groups and hepatitis screening and testing programs.

That’s why your gift today and your ongoing commitment is so important. The American Liver Foundation is the only organization in the nation that gives a voice to the 30 million Americans with liver disease. And thanks to friends like you, that voice is being heard.

Last updated on July 11th, 2022 at 04:10 pm

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