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Liver Transplant

My name is Shanen Lazenby, I am writing this on behalf of my father’s transplant story.

He battled cirrhosis of the liver for about 6 months until we found out he had end stage liver failure and his kidneys started to malfunction as well. After another 6 months he finally got on the liver transplant list. He was on dialysis three days a week and frequently was hospitalized for his low hemoglobin levels.

After 4 months we got the first call for the big day. After rushing to Cleveland Clinic and waiting for hours we found out that the transplant was not going to happen. A week passed and we got another call that was unsuccessful as well.

On October 31st, 2016 the big call came in. As a family we held our breath until my father was in the OR. After a grueling lack of sleep his operation was completed and I got to see my father in the ICU. My father, the survivor of a double organ transplant (liver & kidney). He has had his fair share of post op complications.

He was recently admitted to the hospital for an infection of his new liver in April 2018. He just recently got discharged home on May 12, 2018. He has bilirubin drains still and is severely jaundice and weak. But he is fighting and will continue to get better. His transplant team does not think he is rejecting nor will he need another transplant.

My advice is to stay positive, stay fighting, and stay motivated. You will get through this.

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