Marlene K.

Liver Transplant

Marlene Kane became increasingly ill last spring.  She was jaundiced, tired easily, and was throwing up constantly.  She could barely eat and was quickly losing weight.  In May of 2016, she knew she needed to make a change.  She saw a GI specialist to help her with her illness, and had a nurse who became her advocate in this fight.  She was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver.

From May to October, she was in and out of the hospital.  She was given the news in September that no one wants to receive: she only had a year to live and the only hope was a liver transplant.  That stark reality had her set things in motion, but she refused to let it defeat her.  Clinging to her family, friends, and faith, she was determined to beat the odds, even though the liver disease was quickly trying to claim her.  She faced everything with a smile and spread joy to all who helped her at Good Samaritan Hospital.  However, she was still not on the transplant list, and despite her care, she needed a new liver quickly.

With the help of her General Practitioner and GI Nurse Practitioner, she was admitted to UC Medical Center in December.  The doctors at UC stepped up the care that Marlene needed in order for her to be listed for a new liver.  Finally, she was approved for a new liver, and on December 28, 2016, she got the call she was waiting for:  There is a liver for you.  There were many hours of waiting, and she was very anxious, yet excited.  The morning of December 29th, she received her new liver and her life was forever changed.

Everything with her surgery and recovery went very smoothly, and she is so grateful for the complete care she received from all of the doctors and nurses in 8 East, 8 CCP and the Liver Transplant Team at UC.  She has been so amazed on how the staff truly cares about her recovery, and she feels as if she is part of a family.  Marlene is so humbled and honored to be chosen at this year’s LIVEr Champion.  Her message of hope, faith, and joy is what she wants to spread to others, and to show everyone that even they deserve a second chance at life.

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