Lillian H.

Biliary Atresia

Lillian was born in October of 2010. Shortly after we noticed she was jaundice and not gaining weight so we were referred to a specialist. That December, Lillian was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia.

She had a Kasai procedure to attempt to create an artificial bile flow. When that failed, she was listed for transplant on April 16th, a few days after her 6 month birthday. We received the call for her new liver on July 28, 2011!

After a long night and a horrible thunderstorm that would push back the time of her surgery, Lillian finally received her new liver on July 29th.

Since her transplant we’ve had a few ups and downs, but after 9 years she is a healthy young girl living the most normal life possible.

Lillian has been given a second chance and we make sure she takes full advantage of it. She’s only 9 and she’s already been to Germany, France, Ireland, Hawaii, and all around the United States! We can’t thank the doctors and nurses at the University of Michigan Children’s Hospital, as well as the family who selflessly donated their loved ones organs.

Write down everything every day! Especially when you’re in the hospital. You will forget details as time goes on. It’ll be helpful to go back to see notes from each day to remember.

Last updated on July 19th, 2022 at 03:16 pm

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