I had no idea how to help him navigate this scary and unpredictable diagnosis

Stacey became involved with ALF after attending a caregivers’ program at the hospital where her partner, Zach was diagnosed with end stage liver disease. Stacey said, “I had no idea how to help him navigate this scary and unpredictable diagnosis but thankfully, ALF was there with the resources and support we needed.”

Research shows that being a caregiver can take an emotional, physical and financial toll. To help, ALF offers caregivers the support and resources they need when they need it most:

Stacey said, “As a caregiver, I ensure Zach’s medications are taken regularly and that he gets the right amount of sleep. I bring him to and from doctor’s appointments, make sure he maintains a healthy, well-balanced diet and most importantly, I am his support system, his “therapist” – his confidant.”

As an ALF advocate, Stacey hopes to shine a national spotlight on liver disease and its rippling effects as well as bring more awareness and support to the struggles of being a caregiver. Collectively sharing experiences – both good and bad – with local and federal lawmakers is the only way to raise awareness of this problem and create the change liver patients and their loved ones so desperately need.

In March 2023, Zach underwent a successful deceased-donor liver transplant. Stacey said, “We’re so excited it finally happened! It’s like having a newborn baby – there is so much joy and happiness yet exhaustion and stress. I’m still working full-time while Zach recovers. It is a lot, but we will continue this battle together as strong as ever.”

Zach spent two weeks in the hospital post-transplant as he battled with organ rejection but thankfully, he is now home and adjusting well!

Navigating liver disease as a caregiver can be extremely difficult. Support caregivers like Stacey with the community and resources they need when they need it most by donating today.

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