Liver Transplant…

I went through a lot before my transplant. I was even in Hospice for about a week. I received my transplant December of 2013. The same day of my surgery I was rushed back into surgery to different times for complications. Rehabilitation was hard, I had to really work hard to gain any type of my strength and mobility back.

I went into surgery at about 225 lbs, when I got home after rehabilitation, I weighed 138 1/2 and. No strength. I worked with in home physical therapist and eventually start slowly going back to a health club.

It has taken about 3 years now but I have regained most of my strength back and holding my weight at 200 lbs. it is amazing how the body can recover if you just focus on making small improvements at a time.

You as well as your caregivers have have a lot of challenges to overcome but it is great to be alive.

Last updated on July 11th, 2022 at 04:11 pm

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