Carley V: Blog Introduction

Autoimmune Hepatitis

Hi I’m Carley Vogel. I’m 19 years old and reside in Atlanta, Georgia. I attend Montclair State University, majoring in Musical Theatre. I currently manage a chronic liver disease called Autoimmune Hepatitis. At the age of 12 I fell into complete liver failure and was rushed to Egleston Children’s Hospital in Atlanta. With the current pandemic of COVID-19 my family and I are taking extra precautions and practicing social distancing. On Monday I will begin online classes to complete the reminder of my semester of college… which should be interesting as a Musical Theatre major. So for all of you out there who are participating in social distancing, I personally want to thank you because you are saving so many peoples lives who have compromised immune systems like me. #loveyourliver #AIH #AmericanLiverFoundation #socialdistancing #covid19

Last updated on July 11th, 2022 at 04:10 pm

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