Brian A.

Hepatitis C

For Brian Anderson of Hayward, CA, the 2014 Liver Life Challenge Mount Shasta Climb was a way to celebrate his recovery, and at the same time, help others with liver disease. Anderson was first diagnosed with hepatitis C in 1999 and underwent interferon/ribavirin therapy. He was virus-free for a year when the virus was detected in routine blood chemistry. His doctors monitored his viral load until 2011, when they discovered changes indicating the possible liver cancer.

Anderson was referred to Stanford, where he was confirmed to have a tumor. Prior to transplantation, doctors planned to clear the virus from his system. He completed a 48-week treatment. In July 2013, Anderson received a transplant.

Rather than relying on luck, Anderson went in with a plan. He learned as much as possible about the procedure. He worked diligently for over a year preparing for the fight of his life, and when the call came in, he was ready. He believes the preparation paid off.

“It was not easy: the treatment, the surgery, the preparation,” said Anderson, “In fact, it was quite challenging, but today, I look forward to a long and healthy future. I cannot thank enough all of the caring people who have worked on my behalf…”

After the surgery, Anderson was walking a mile by day 7, 2.5 by day 14, and 5 by day 21. He has also taken trips to Ebbetts Pass, Sonora Pass, Tioga Pass, and Yosemite to continue his interests in hiking and other outdoor activities.

On June 14th and 15th, the American Liver Foundation will host the Liver Life Challenge Mount Shasta Climb — a team of twenty individuals that will embark on a two-day overnight ascent to one of the highest peaks in the Cascade Range, the imposing 14,162-foot Mount Shasta, the second largest volcano in the United States.

As a LIVEr Champion, Anderson will attend several training sessions in spring to inspire the climbers to connect to the mission of the American Liver Foundation and to challenge themselves.

“My goal is to continue to improve and help others when and where I can,” said Anderson.

The American Liver Foundation® provides research, education, advocacy, and support for 30 million Americans affected by liver disease. Our mission is to facilitate, advocate and promote education, support and research for the prevention, treatment and cure of liver disease.

The Liver Life Challenge is just one of the three annual American Liver Foundation fundraising events in the SF Bay Area to help raise awareness and prevent disease. For more information about the Liver Life Challenge Mt. Shasta Climb or the American Liver Foundation and its programs, please visit our challenge page here.

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