Autoimmune Hepatitis

On Mother’s Day weekend (4 years ago), I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Leading up to my double mastectomy, I had to have a series of blood work done. That’s where they discovered my elevated liver enzymes.

First I had to tackle the cancer, then I had to find a Hepatologist. I went through a series of blood work , scans and a liver biopsy. My amazing doctor then told me I had Autoimmune Hepatitis.

Not that I’m thankful that I got cancer, but can find some good coming out of it – finding out about my liver at a young age of 38-years-old.

I was always, and still am, very active and take my health and workout plan seriously. I will continue to live each day as healthy as possible.

Today as I write this I celebrate 4 years cancer free and tackling this liver disease head on!

Find a doctor that you connect with and feel comfortable with. Try to not be to hard on yourself. Make healthy choices.

Last updated on July 11th, 2022 at 04:10 pm

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