Connie Deneweth, CPA

Connie Deneweth is a Certified Public Accountant and banker, while also holding several community leadership roles. Most recently she was CEO & President of Traverse City State Bank from 2009-2018. Connie was retained by the Traverse City State Bank Board to repair the bank’s financial condition. As CEO, she turned the Bank from the 2nd worst performing bank in Michigan in 2010 to the 14th best performing bank in Michigan by December 2017. This bank was sold in April 2018 to Independent Bank. Connie and her business partners recently built a new Resort in Traverse City Michigan, called Lakemore Resort. This property has 7 luxury private rental homes on 850 feet of sandy Arbutus Lake waterfront.

Connection to Liver Disease
Connie became involved with ALF to advocate for liver disease awareness and organ donation. Her father recently received a successful liver transplant giving him an additional 17 years of life.

Last updated on August 10th, 2022 at 08:36 am

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