Alisha Mavis, MD

As a pediatric hepatologist, I see children of all ages with a variety of liver diseases and patients with improperly functioning small bowel/intestinal failure requiring long-term nutritional support. I also care for patients needing a liver and/or small bowel transplant. Chronic diseases place a significant burden on the child as well as the function of the family, which is why my goal is to do everything possible for the child and family to maintain full participation across all aspects of life. My specific areas of interest are liver transplantation, portal hypertension and Fontan associated liver disease. Our team, along with our surgical and medical partners at Duke Health provide care for children with problems across the entire spectrum of hepatology and gastroenterology. My colleagues and I also participate in national networks and routinely update our treatment plans to reflect the latest knowledge in the field.

Last updated on August 9th, 2022 at 08:39 pm

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