Fatty Liver Disease (Steatotic Liver Disease)

How to Pack Your Child a Powerhouse Lunch
August 16, 2023

It’s back-to-school season and we know just how difficult it can be to get your child to eat healthy foods, let alone make healthy choices at school. To help alleviate any back-to-school (lunch) jitters, we interviewed former registered public-school nurse and ALF Liver Life Advocate, Susan Avalone, on how to pack a healthy lunch your child will actually eat!

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1 in 4 Americans at Risk for Fatty Liver Disease but Many Remain Undiagnosed
May 20, 2022

The rise in obesity and diabetes is fueling a life-threatening disease known as fatty liver disease, that affects an estimated 100 million people, many of whom are unaware they even have it.

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Liver Week- NAFLD/NASH
August 25, 2020

Did you know NAFLD is the most prevalent disease in human history? It is estimated to affect nearly 2 billion people worldwide and about 100 million individuals in the United States.

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The Facts About Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
May 20, 2020

As incredible as it may seem in pure numbers, Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) affects up to 25% of people in the United States.

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Obesity and Fatty Livers
May 20, 2020

Test your knowledge about liver disease and learn more about what fatty liver disease is…

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Q&A with Dr. John Goff About Fatty Liver Disease
April 24, 2020

Fatty liver disease is when there is excess fat in the liver. This fat can be associated with inflammation or can just be isolated fat in the liver.

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Skinny Liver: A Proven Program to Prevent and Reverse the New Silent Epidemic—Fatty Liver Disease
March 15, 2018

Award-winning dietitian Kristin Kirkpatrick and hepatologist Dr. Ibrahim Hanouneh have teamed up for a life-changing program that will help you achieve optimal health.

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