Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Connection to Liver Disease
April 29, 2022

Dr. Na Li was born in China and her passion for practicing medicine and taking care of patients inspired her to pursue an internal medicine residency and a fellowship in gastroenterology.

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Support for Chronic Illness
March 28, 2022

If you have a chronic liver disease, such as cirrhosis, hepatitis C or liver cancer, it’s understandable that you, your family members and caregivers may experience a roller coaster of emotions, and have many questions.

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Celebrate Women’s History Month with a Pediatric Liver Superhero
March 21, 2022

Dr. Ekong is a pediatric resident on the liver transplant team at Birmingham Children’s Hospital in the United Kingdom and is passionate about pediatric transplant hepatology.

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5 things you should know about life after diagnosis
March 15, 2022

If you learn that you have liver disease, you may feel overwhelmed and have a lot of questions. Here are 5 things you should know about life after diagnosis.

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Patients Speak Out About Living With PBC
February 21, 2022

We asked dozens of individuals with PBC what it means to live successfully with this condition, and we’re pleased to share a few of their answers here.

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Rare Disease Day 2022: Meet the Kostecki Family
February 8, 2022

The Kostecki family faced many challenges in discovering daughter Abby's diagnosis of a rare form of liver disease…

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Surgeon, Mom, and Liver Champion
February 1, 2022

Dr. Simpson is a decorated surgeon, a loving mother, wife and a fierce advocate for liver patients in underserved communities.

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Pathways to Recovery
January 25, 2022

Alcohol and drug abuse recovery is possible – with determination, assistance and acknowledgement.

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ALF Patient Advocate Participates in Congressional Directed Medical Cancer Research Program
December 3, 2021

Donald Melillo participated in the evaluation of research applications submitted to the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program's (CDMRP) Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program (PRCRP).

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Liver Cancer & the Underserved
November 26, 2021

The American Liver Foundation presents “Liver Cancer & the Underserved” as part of the 2021 Liver Cancer Conference presented by Dr. Robert Wong.

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Liver Awareness Month: Fibrosis
November 11, 2021

Collagen stiffens around the tissue like it is supposed to in a healthy liver but, inflammation can cause even more collagen to be deposited, leading to more stiffening. This is how fibrosis develops.

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Disparities in Liver Disease in African Immigrants
November 11, 2021

Because of the high prevalence of HBV in Africa, the risk-based guidelines from the CDC recommend that individuals born in Africa or the US with at least one African-born parent be prioritized for hepatitis B testing.

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