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As an organization that strives everyday to exceed the standards set by the National Health Council and monitoring agencies, we are proud that donor contributions are put to the best possible use. The American Liver Foundation’s Diversity Policy, Standards of Conduct Policy, Corporate Relations Policy, Gift Acceptance Policy, Privacy Policy and Whistleblower Policy guide the conduct of our staff and volunteers to ensure that we continue to meet industry standards.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the corporate relationships entered into by the American Liver Foundation (ALF) are conducted in a manner consistent with its mission, principles, public positions, policies and standards. For purposes of this policy, the terms “corporate” or “corporation” shall also include any other kind of organizational entity, such as but not limited to partnerships, or foundations.

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Liver disease does not discriminate.

And yet…

  • Hepatitis C (HCV) is more prevalent in African Americans than in any other racial group in the U.S. and African Americans are more likely to be deemed ineligible for HCV treatment than non-African Americans.1
  • African and Hispanic Americans are the two groups of people who have the largest increase in incidence of liver cancer and the lowest rates of curative treatment.2
  • African and Hispanic Americans are more likely to be uninsured than white Americans.3, 4

This is not acceptable.

We at the American Liver Foundation (ALF) are devastated by recent events and stand firmly against racism and inequality in all forms. We pledge to expand our offerings in marginalized communities, and to continue to treat everyone with the dignity, kindness and compassion that is their birthright.

ALF’s vision is a world without liver disease. Until that day comes, we will continue to fight for equal access to health care and better outcomes for all people impacted by liver disease.


The American Liver Foundation solicits unrestricted and restricted gifts from individuals, corporations, foundations and other private/governmental entities to secure the financial growth and fulfill the mission of The American Liver Foundation. The purpose of this Gift Acceptance Policy is to define the practices and policies governing the acceptance of gifts by The American Liver Foundation and to provide guidance to prospective donors and their advisors when making gifts to The American Liver Foundation, so as to ensure that all accepted gifts meet established standards.

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The American Liver Foundation meets all requirements of the National Health Council Standards of Excellence Certification Program® and is in full compliance.

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The American Liver Foundation respects the privacy of its constituents and is committed to protecting the information shared with the organization by supporters and donors. You will be asked to provide your contact information when requesting additional information, making a donation, or volunteer to be added to the organization’s contact list. Personal information provided is used solely by the American Liver Foundation, which does not give, sell, or share this information with any outside parties. This policy applies to information received via online sources as well as information received in any other manner.

The American Liver Foundation Web site has industry standard high encryption security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. The organization makes every effort to protect your online donation and order information by using Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. This protocol is an industry standard designed to protect the privacy of information communicated over the Internet.

The American Liver Foundation will discontinue contact with any person, company, or entity upon written request from the person or a party authorized to make such a request. Written requests can be sent to 39 Broadway, Suite 2700, New York, NY 10006 or by e-mail to

If you have questions about the American Liver Foundation web site or our privacy policy, or if you would like to review any personal information collected and request corrections, please contact us at 646-737-9415.

The American Liver Foundation (ALF) is proud of the commitment and integrity of its staff, interns and volunteers, whose loyalty and professionalism constitute the fundamentals of our success.

The ALF is constantly observed by the general public, donors, supporters, watchdog agencies, and governmental authorities, and must adhere to the highest legal and ethical standards at all times. Even the appearance of improper conduct can result in great harm to the Foundation’s reputation and to the cause and the people we serve.

To assist in monitoring and assuring compliance with legal and ethical standards, we have prepared guidelines and procedures relating to:

  1. Conflicts of Interest Policy [pgs. 2, 3]
  2. Confidential and Proprietary Information Policy [p 4]

The standards incorporated here reflect legal and ethical requirements common to all organizations that serve a public purpose. To insure the effectiveness and reputation of the ALF, all staff, interns and volunteers must understand and follow these guidelines and procedures. Failure to observe these essential standards and practices may result in disciplinary measures, up to and including termination and legal action.

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The purpose of this Whistleblower Policy is to encourage employees, without fear of retaliation, to raise concerns in good faith regarding suspected or known unlawful, unethical and/or improper conduct so that the Foundation can address and correct any conduct it determines to be illegal, unethical or improper, and take all other appropriate measures.

Download the ALF Whistleblower Policy

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