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Dr. Nancy Reau
15 APRIL 2019

Video Based on Article by Dr. Nancy Reau of the ALF National Medical Advisory Committee

In addition to live educational events like Ask the Experts, as well as webinars on aspects of liver disease and our robust website and library of brochures, the American Liver Foundation creates educational videos. The most recent, about the effects of alcohol on the liver, was made public on February 13th and is being used on our social media, website and in the community during educational presentations and other applicable events.

We based this video on a study recently published by The BMJ, a weekly peer-reviewed medical journal. ALF’s National Medical Advisory Committee member Nancy Reau, MD, Rush University Medical Center wrote an op-ed referencing this study along with her experiences in medical practice. Essentially, deaths in young Americans are rising due to liver disease. Researchers have seen an upward trend in mortality due to alcoholic cirrhosis, specifically in people ages 25-34, who have experienced the greatest relative increase in mortality.

The video combines graphics and footage from interviews with our Alcohol-related Hepatitis National Patient Advisory Committee Cohort last year. It gives real examples of the effects of drinking alcohol, whether that may be using alcohol to relax, drinking during college parties, or even just having drinks after work. The people featured include Brian Bourgault, Mike Posivak, Sheila Surratt, and Kenneth Wilson.

ALF is dedicated to a world without liver disease and will continue to use every tool available to advance our vision.

Tom Nealon
President & CEO
American Liver Foundation

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