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COVID-19 Vaccine
12 JANUARY 2021

COVID-19 Vaccine Update from the American Liver Foundation

You have probably seen on the news that there are now approved vaccines for COVID-19. The vaccines have begun to be distributed and administered to healthcare workers within the United States. We want to provide some additional information about the vaccine and how it will be distributed. The vaccine is...

3d render of a nerve cell attacked by virus, bacteria.
28 DECEMBER 2020

Autoimmunity Is On The Rise

Most people have heard of autoimmune disease yet don’t understand what that really means. When you have an autoimmune disease, your body’s immune system cannot differentiate healthy cells from harmful antigens. This sets off a calculated attack aimed to destroy those healthy cells and causes the affected individual to become...

23 DECEMBER 2020

Help ALF Celebrate Caregivers

When someone is diagnosed with liver disease, a dedicated medical team focuses on the patient. Thankfully, other selfless individuals work behind the scenes to ensure the patient’s daily care and well-being. In this season of giving, we celebrate caregivers – our unsung superheroes who continually sacrifice to help others! Over...

Q & A
04 MAY 2020

Q&A with Dr. Tamar Taddei for Liver Disease Patients about COVID-19

Dr. Tamar Taddei received her medical doctorate from Georgetown University where she stayed to complete her Internal Medicine Residency and Chief Residency. She completed her gastroenterology/hepatology training at Yale University. She is an Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine, Section of Digestive Diseases. Her clinical interests include general and...