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01 JANUARY 2018

Start off 2018 with Get Fit!

Get Fit is the perfect compliment to your New Year’s Resolutions! 12 months of complimentary health & wellness information right in your inbox!

From mindfulness to nutrition to understanding health insurance Get Fit empowers individuals with the knowledge and tools to take ownership of their well-being.  Get Fit offers high-quality, medically vetted health information to promote positive, health-centric decisions as it guides individuals, businesses, organizations and others on a comprehensive wellness journey.  Each participant receives an entire year of facts, tips and concrete wellness advice designed to influence a healthier life style.  Informational formats include e-newsletters, 48 informative posters, and 36 webinars by healthcare experts.  All materials are enduring, can be incorporated into team building activities or accessed at the leisure of the participant, and can be viewed multiple times.

Join us today!

Last Updated on April 23, 2018


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