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07 OCTOBER 2019

September is Primary Biliary Cholangitis (PBC) Awareness Month

What do potluck dinners, Ask the Experts events, Facebook posts and the ALF Helpline have in common? They all help raise awareness, share information and support those affected by primary biliary cholangitis. September was PBC Awareness Month and International PBC Day was celebrated on Sunday, September 8, 2019. The American Liver Foundation observed the time in several ways.

During the month of September, ALFs National Helpline noted a 50% increase in the number of PBC related calls. In Illinois, the Great Lakes Division joined the PCBers, an organization that brings together people who are living with the disease, for an al fresco potluck dinner.

ALF’s New England Division presented an Ask the Experts program at the North Shore Center for Outpatient Care in Danvers, MA. Dr. Daniel S. Pratt, Clinical Director, Liver Transplantation and Director Autoimmune & Cholestatic Liver Center; Dr. Irun Bahn, Gastroenterologist; and Dr. Emily Bethea, Associate Clinical Director of Liver Transplantation, all from Massachusetts General Hospital, presented at the program. A patient panel and a presentation by Lindsay Ventura, the Division’s Community Outreach and Education Manager, rounded out the event. featured a PBC-related banner for the month of September. On International PBC Day, we added a popup banners to our website that alerted visitors about PBC Day. We encouraged them to check out a new blog post called “Have PBC? You may be at risk for another Autoimmune Disease” on our “Life with PBC” Blog page and read more about PBC on the disease information page.

At the beginning of the month we began posting about PBC Day on social media, promoting a series of ALF PBC National Patient Advisory Committee videos. We also promoted an upcoming Living With PBC video chat featuring one of our patient advocates and the moderator of our PBC online discussion group.

In addition, we added four posts to ALF’s national Facebook page and mirrored them on our Twitter accounts. They included a collaborative post with the PBC Foundation about PBC Day that contained some attention-grabbing PBC facts. Another post was the “Have PBC? You may be at risk for another Autoimmune Disease” on our “Life with PBC” Blog page. A third contained a link to a video recording of “Know your PBC Numbers: Living with PBC” video chat and, finally, we added a post taking people to ALFs “Life with PBC” online support and discussion group.

Months and days dedicated to some of the many liver diseases are designed to support and educate those affected and raise awareness among the general population. The American Liver Foundation is proud to be part of these occasions.

NealonTom Nealon
President & CEO
American Liver Foundation

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