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Robert M.

Hepatitis C

47 years ago when I was 19 years old l was admitted to the hospital with jaundice.

The doctors didn’t know what caused it so after a few days I was discharged…At the age of 48 the jaundice reappeared and l was determined that l had hepatitis C so I was put on interferon and ribavirin which was experimental.

l had a very bad reaction to that combination of drugs, so, new gastrointestinal Doctor (Dr. David Markowitz) was assigned to me by the liver unit at Columbia Presbyterian Medical center. Dr. Markowitz told me that a liver transplant was needed, l was 49 years old.

The transplant doctors said that they were doing living donors transplants surgery so my wife and I studied the suggestion and met with the transplants Staff Doctors, The Psychiatric evaluation went well.

When I was 50 years old we scheduled the transplants for Jan 1 2000. During that time there was a rumor about the computers crashing down due to the millennium bug. We had the transplants on January 10th, 2000.

It’s been over 15 years now and Robert urges those who are bilingual to educate your friends and families to share the experience of organ donation.

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