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Ada Chocolate Toast Dessert
13 MARCH 2015

Recipe of the Month

Ada Chocolate Toast Dessert from Chef Michael Kornick at Ada Street, a dmk restaurant, Chicago, IL

Yield = 2 (1/3) pans


  • 9 oz 64% Callebaut chocolate
  • 9 oz 50% Callebaut chocolate
    (If you cannot find above chocolates, use any dark chocolate you prefer. The percentages refer to the amount of cacao present in the chocolate.)
  • 2 1/4 cup heavy cream
  • ½ pound unsalted butter

Toasted Ciabatta


  1. Allow butter to sit at room temperature until completely softened
  2. In medium sauce pot, bring cream to a boil
  3. Combine both kinds of chocolate in largest mixing bowl
  4. Pour cream over chocolate and whisk vigorously until completely incorporated
  5. Add room temperature butter in small amounts, whisking to incorporate completely (make sure there is no unincorporated butter)
  6. Pour into whatever container you are using and allow to set in the refrigerator

When the chocolate has reached the desired consistency, either make a quenelle to serve alongside the toast, or just spread it directly on the toast

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