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08 JUNE 2021

Raphael’s Transplant Journey, Pt. 2: It’s a Family Affair

     The American Liver Foundation and my life have always been intertwined ever since I got my surgery. But a conscientious decision in 2006 would bring it even closer. After my successful transplant, my parents were mindful of the tragedy that occurs for hundreds of families around the world. Because of that they started The Kellner Family Pediatric Liver Disease Foundation. The Foundation is set upon helping other families who were faced with the same trying circumstances, and getting them the help they deserve.


The main mission is to reduce the incidence of pediatric liver disease through research, awareness and education, providing resources to families who are affected by pediatric liver disease,  and to promote awareness of organ donation. Through their mission they discovered ALF which shared a similar mindset and hope. From then on a team would be created with a common goal. Over the past 15 years my family’s foundation has worked with ALF designating specific grants for pediatric liver disease research. We have also sponsored transplants for three infants and many other children who, without our help and the continued support of allies such as ALF, would not have survived. We have also worked with the Organ donor network of New York driving awareness towards organ donation and liver disease. The foundation has also helped fund the Liver Transplant Department for the care of patients, research and training fellowship at Yale/New Haven Medical Center as well as a research fund for the talented surgeon Dr. Sukru Emre who performed my surgery and countless other children suffering from liver disease. 

Learn more about the Kellner Pediatric Foundation by visiting their website here.

Last Updated on June 8, 2021


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