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Pam C.

Pam C.

Caregiver for Husband…

I don’t know if you still need stories related to cirrhosis but my husband’s situation is unique. He has Alpha -1 Anti-trypsin Deficiency that actually attacked his liver instead of the lungs. As a result, a man that never smoked or drank has full cirrhosis of the liver and last June developed hepatic encephalopathy. I thought he was having a stroke. He could not comprehend anything that I was asking of him, did not know where he was or even dress himself. We live in Northwest MO and his liver doctor is in Omaha. We made a mad dash for Omaha and within 2 hours they had run several tests and started treating immediately. Luckily the lactulose and the Rifaxan brought him back down to reality.

Last Updated on April 16, 2020


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