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01 NOVEMBER 2017

November Newsletter

Top 10 Things You Need to Read This Month:

  1. 2018 Chicago Marathon: Join Team ALF in this iconic race- secure your spot today before registration closes 11/30!
  2. News from the ALF: Two conferences were hosted with an aim of addressing the emerging trends between the opioid epidemic and hepatitis C
  3. Ask the Experts Recap: Thank you to all attendees and presenters who participated in this exciting educational program!
  4. 2017 Chicago Marathon Recap:  Congratulations to all of Team ALF on being a part of the 40th anniversary of the Chicago Marathon!
  5. Get Fit: This month’s topic focuses on alcohol awareness and smoking cessation. Download the free educational posters or watch the YouTube video about prevention and treatment of alcohol liver disease!
  6. Clinical Trials: Check out what clinical trials are going on at local Chicago universities and hospitals to see if you may qualify!
  7. Upcoming Events: Mark your calendar for these exciting events!
  8. Volunteer Appreciation Open House: The Great Lakes Team wants to show our appreciation for all volunteers and participants for their support over the past year- stop by and say hi and grab a cup of coffee!
  9. Liver Cancer Awareness Month:  ALF urges the public to follow up with your doctor if you have risk factors for liver cancer.
  10. Liver Love Note: the perfect way to show your support of your doctor, nurse, favorite aunt or uncle, a walker, runner or partner with a personalized message.

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