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Hepatitis B mobile app
03 OCTOBER 2019

New Tool Helps Those With Hepatitis B

Hep B Consult: US, European, and Asia-Pacific Guideline Recommendations on Whether and How to Treat HBV

This Interactive Decision Support Tool draws upon expert consensus guidelines to provide customized recommendations on whether and how to treat hepatitis B in a specific patient setting. Depending on your location, you can choose whether to review advice from US, European, or Asia-Pacific guidelines.

The tool asks you a series of questions to define a specific HBV case and then presents personalized recommendations for exactly that individual.

Carry this resource in your pocket at the point of care!

This decision support tool is available online and as an app for mobile devices—just click below:

Google Play   Apple App Store

How to Use

  • Enter specific patient characteristics through a series of multiple-choice questions
  • Optionally, look up information about each characteristic to better understand why they are necessary to consider when making management choices
  • Instantly see the guideline recommendations for your scenario and consider your practice plan
  • Learn more by reviewing additional online content or entering a new case

Provided by Clinical Care Options, LLC. Supported by an educational grant from Gilead Sciences.

In collaboration with:

  • Asian Health Foundation
  • American Liver Foundation
  • PCE

Last Updated on October 3, 2019


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