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28 FEBRUARY 2017

New ALF Resources for Primary Biliary Cholangitis

It’s considered a rare disease, but Primary Biliary Cholangitis (PBC) is one of the most talked-about topics across ALF social media, according to our social media guru David Barton. Calling our PBC community “extremely engaged,” Barton notes “they’re eager to be their own best advocates.” We hear you and are pleased to announce these new resources for the PBC community:

PBC Text Message Program
Enroll now in the next ten-week PBC Text Messaging program by texting “PBC” to short code: 97779 (make sure your cell phone is text-ready, first). You’ll receive three informative or encouraging text messages each week for ten weeks. The new ALF PBC Text Messaging program pushes out immediate, easy-to-read information on managing the disease. Already 94 percent of the program’s participants say they’d recommend it to others. For more information, email the National Manager of Support Services, Cynthia Banya,

PBC Twitter Chat
How often is Fatty Liver Disease diagnosed with PBC? How many symptoms are attributed to both? What over-the-counter medications are contraindicated for PBC? These are among the 24 questions answered by Dr. Kenneth O’Riordan (a PBC expert from Advocate Healthcare) at ALF’s February 8 PBC Twitter Chat, co-hosted by the PBCers Organization. As a gastroenterologist and hepatologist, Dr. O’Riordan answered tweets from a range of PBC stakeholders asking diverse and practical questions. Test your knowledge, by reviewing those 24 Questions and Answers.

PBC Support Groups
ALF is expanding PBC Support Groups alongside our frequent collaborator, The PBCers Organization, with a revived PBC Support Group in Cleveland, as well as a brand new Support Group in St. Louis. Additionally, the PBCers’ well-established Chicago Support Group is now receiving more medical expertise and resources from ALF’s Great Lakes Division. Learn about the Chicago and St. Louis Group from Sarah Koltun, ALF’s Great Lakes Division Community Outreach and Education Manager ( For more information on the new Cleveland PBC Support Group pleased contact ALF’s Heartland Division Executive Director, Katrina Homer (

PBC Research
Thanks to a generous gift from an individual, ALF will offer two additional PBC Research Awards to scientists in the coming year, studying the process by which autoimmune diseases attack the liver. To apply look for the Requests for Proposals this fall. And you too can contribute to ending liver diseases by clicking here.

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