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Grant Haley and his mom
08 DECEMBER 2019

My Cause, My Cleats

For the third year in a row, NFL players are participating in the My Cleats My Cause campaign, which is a unique opportunity for players to showcase the causes that are important to them. They’re lacing up their customized cleats, wearing them on the field for week 14, and then auctioning them off- with all of the proceeds going to the organizations of their choice.

This year, we’re proud to announce three athletes who will be participating in #MyCleatsMyCause on behalf of the American Liver Foundation: Deon Bush from the Chicago Bears, Grant Haley from the New York Giants, and Troy Apke from the Washington Redskins. Learn more about the campaign here, and keep reading below for more information about Deon, Grant, and Troy’s My Cause My Cleats information!


Deon Bush (slides 9-11)
View the Chicago Bears’ #MyCauseMyCleats Gallery


Grant Haley
View the New York Giants’ #MyCauseMyCleats Gallery
Read about Grant’s story, and why he’s motivated to fight liver disease!


Troy Apke
View the Washington Redskins’ #MyCauseMyCleats Gallery

Bid on Troy’s cleats now!

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