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Lorraine Stiehl
22 OCTOBER 2020

More from the American Liver Foundation’s New CEO, Lorraine Stiehl

As I shared in my previous blog post, I’m honored to serve as the American Liver Foundation’s new Chief Executive Officer. Working closely with an extraordinarily dedicated team of volunteers and staff, I am committed to meeting the needs of our vast liver community.  

My goal in life has been to make the world a healthier place — from my high school days when research funds were raised to support a classmate with a terminal disease…to my commitment to my husband of 35 years who has bravely battled a chronic disease for 60 years of his life. Supporting voluntary health agencies, medical institutions and research habeen my life’s work. 

Joining the liver community is meaningful to me on many levels. One source of inspiration will always be my father in law, George “Bud” Stiehl III, PhD, a brilliant chemist who lost his life to liver cancer. Even though my husband and I have been married for 35 years, I only knew my father in law for seven of those years.  He died too young. Our family feels cheated.  

Thanks to the heroic efforts of our dedicated medical professionals – and great advances in liver disease research and clinical care, we hope that fewer people will experience a premature loss of life due to liver disease. The American Liver Foundation is committed to preventing, treating and curing the 100+ forms of liver disease that plague our world.  

As we embark on a new year – one that we trust will bring an end to the pandemic, we pray that our liver community remains strong and resilient. Please stay safe.  

In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you. Please reach out to me with your thoughts, questions and concerns: I wish to learn from you. We are stronger together.  


Lorraine Stiehl 

Chief Executive Officer 

American Liver Foundation 

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