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05 JANUARY 2018

Meet our Programs Intern, Krisztina!

Nursing is a fulfilling job, but as a nurse, I could only reach and educate a small fraction of the population who were already experiencing health problems. By assisting with planning and conducting ALF outreach programs I have the opportunity to participate in reaching a large number of people and helping them learn about liver diseases, how to prevent them and making people aware of risk factors they might have.

I was very excited to be part of ALF Pacific Coast division`s first outreach program in El Centro; a city where 74% of the population speaks Spanish and the median age is 31 years old. This population could vastly benefit from preventive education and from the cooperation of healthcare organizations with ALF. At the event, expert speakers gave information on liver diseases, current and new treatment options and treatment alternatives to an audience of professionals and patients. The forum was a success and professional were hugely interested in working with ALF to promote their outreach work in El Centro area. I am also proud to participate in and assist with the implementation of ALF`s outreach program for Veterans, for they are three times more likely than general population to develop Hepatitis C. My next project will be to create my own Facebook page where people can follow what ALF Pacific Division is doing, how a project comes together and what events are planned for the veteran community.

I feel that completing my internship with American Liver Foundation strengthens my existing skills, aids to improve my analytical techniques, and helps me to develop new skills in planning and evaluation. Assisting with making educational outreach programs materialize is a great opportunity to improve myself, improve others and have a part in creating a healthier community.

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