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Medical Advisors

The American Liver Foundation partners with medical professionals all across the country who act in various medical advisory capacities at a national level and at local division levels. For more information about serving in an advisory capacity, please contact us by email or by phone at 212-668-1000 and ask for the National Director of Programs at ALF.

The following represent ALF’s current national medical advisory committee.

Ghassan Abou-Alfa, MD
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Talal Adhami, MD
Cleveland Clinic Beachwood Family Health Center

Jasmohan Bajaj, MD
Virginia Commonwealth University Health System

Douglas Dieterich, MD
Mount Sinai Hospital

Joshua Friedman, MD, PhD
University of Pennsylvania Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

John Goff, MD
Rocky Mountain Gastroenterology Associates

Robert Herring, Jr., MD
University of Tennessee Medical Center

Blaine Hollinger, MD
Baylor College of Medicine

Kris Kowdley, MD
Swedish Medical Center

Mauricio Lisker-Melman, MD
Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

Rohit Loomba, MD, MH Sc
University of California, San Diego

Andrew Muir, MD
Duke University Medical Center

Daniel Pratt, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital

Nancy Reau, MD (co-chair)
Rush University Medical Center

Adnan Said, MD
Wisconsin School of Medicine

Sammy Saab, MD
University of California, Los Angeles

Rohit Satoskar, MD
Georgetown University Hospital

Coleman Smith, MD
Georgetown University Hospital

Tamar Taddei, MD
Yale University

Hillel Tobias, MD, PhD (co-chair)
NYU Langone Medical Center

Hugo Vargas, MD
Mayo Clinic

John Vierling, MD
Baylor College of Medicine

Xaralambos “Bobby” Zervos, DO
Cleveland Clinic Florida

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