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11 OCTOBER 2018

Liver Cancer Awareness Month Media Alert

In recognition of Liver Cancer Awareness Month, the American Liver Foundation is working to raise awareness of risk factors and to help increase early detection for patients surrounding liver cancer. It’s critical for all Americans to be educated on risk factors, the potential warning signs, the importance of screenings and to visit their physician regularly.

“Liver cancer rates have increased at an alarming pace in the United States, so increasing awareness of liver health and liver cancer risk factors has never been more important,” said Thomas F. Nealon III, president and CEO of the American Liver Foundation. “This Liver Cancer Awareness Month, I’m encouraging everyone to speak with their doctors, get screened and determine their risk for liver cancer.

“Mortality rates related to liver cancer are continuing to rise in the United States. It is important for the general public to be aware of this prevalent medical issue in our society,” said Dr. Abou-Alfa, medical oncologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and a member of the American Liver Foundation’s National Medical Advisory Committee. “It is key for all of us to recognize the vital role of our liver, and that we cannot live without it. Individuals with a history of hepatitis B, or C, and others who are at risk should make sure to speak with their doctors. Screening and early detection improve the chances of a cure and survival. Please, go speak with your physician today.”

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