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ALF Participates in World Hepatitis Day to “Find the Missing Millions”

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World Hepatitis Day was July 28th and ALF, together with other public health organizations, called on people from across the country and around the world to take action and raise awareness to “Find the Missing Millions” – a reference to the 300 million people around the globe living with viral hepatitis. Of those, most are unaware that they are living with a form of the disease. Our activities stretched from the northeast to Hawaii, and from the Great Lakes to the mountains of Colorado.

Here are some of the highlights:

  1. The ALF Greater New York Division hosted the first American Liver Foundation World Hepatitis Day featuring speakers from the Latino Commission on AIDS and American Liver Foundation’s National Helpline. Here’s a link to the video.
  2. The ALF Connecticut Division collaborated with three agencies based in Bridgeport for the third annual World Hepatitis Day Health and Wellness Fair, with testing for hepatitis C and HIV as well as other health screenings. There were about 80 attendees who engaged with the many exhibitors to understand the wide range of healthcare services in the city.
  3. In Chicago, the ALF Great Lakes Division interns staffed information tables over the July 27th – 28th weekend at Truman College in Chicago and at the Eon Health Fair in Chicago. And the Rocky Mountain Division conducted Hepatitis C testing in collaboration with Liver Health Connection on July 26th in Denver, CO.
  4. The ALF Pacific Coast Division organized an Eliminate Hepatitis C Team at the County of San Diego’s Live Well San Diego 5K Walk/Run on July 28th. The team included doctors and nurses from the Divison’s MAC as well as community stakeholders. The Division’s Executive Director Scott Suckow was in Honolulu to participate in the community’s first planning meeting for the Hep Free Hawaii Hepatitis Elimination Strategy on July 28th. Finally, three San Diego advocates joined nearly 100 other patient advocates at the Hepatitis C Summit in Atlanta, organized by the National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable.
  5. ALF digital media was used to spread the word, including a World Hepatitis Day page created on We added popup messages on the main ALF website and on the Hep A, B, and C disease information pages. And, of course, we posted on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, both on July 28th as well as with multiple posts in the weeks leading up to World Hepatitis Day.

Tom Nealon
President & CEO
American Liver Foundation

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