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07 FEBRUARY 2018

February 2018 ALF Statement Regarding Ocaliva Label Update

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and manufacturer Intercept Pharmaceuticals have added a boxed warning to the prescribing information for Ocaliva to remind physicians about the proper use of Ocaliva in primary biliary cholangitis (PBC) patients with advanced cirrhosis. If you are a patient being treated for PBC, we strongly encourage you to use this as an opportunity to talk to your physician about your treatment, the dosing of your medication and any concerns.

You can also call the ALF National Help Line at 1-800-GO-LIVER for more information. If you are a health care professional, read the updated prescribing information here.

*Intercept Pharmaceuticals provides financial support for the American Liver Foundation’s education, support services, advocacy and research. ALF does not endorse specific drugs or treatments, nor does it independently evaluate the efficacy of any drugs or courses of treatment.

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