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05 JUNE 2018

Facebook Live Presentation: End Stage Liver Disease

Click here to watch the recorded presentation (must be logged in to Facebook)

Dr. Caroline Jouhourian, a gastroenterologist from St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Brighton, MA, will join our own Lindsay Ventura, Community Outreach and Education Manager at our ALF New England Division, for a live presentation about End Stage Liver Disease.

The discussion will cover the following topics, and the best part is that we encourage you to bring your questions and be prepared to interact in real time:

1. The role of the liver

2. How does the liver get injured?

3. Liver disease as a spectrum

4. How do we know if someone has end stage liver disease?

5. What does end stage liver disease mean for the patient/how to prevent progression?



Presentation made possible through support from: 

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