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01 DECEMBER 2017

December 2017 | Understanding Health Insurance

When you buy a car, you probably think first about price — your monthly payment. But other expenses — like auto insurance, gas, and maintenance — can affect your wallet. Your total costs depend on which car you buy and the expenses that come with owning a car. Health insurance can be like that. If you look only at your monthly payment, you may find that other costs have a big impact on your household budget. –

Understanding Health Insurance can be challenging with a number of interconnecting pieces – all of which can dramatically impact our costs, our care and our health. Get Fit wants to help individuals better understand their options, terminology and access to care available to them. That is why December is Understanding Health Insurance Month with a number of useful resources to help you improve your health:

Understanding Health Insurance E-Newsletter
Access the latest news and information relating to Health Insurance

Understanding Health Insurance Webinar
Access HCV Treatment Through Insurance

Understanding Health Insurance Poster Series
12-01 – Types of Health Insurance
12-02 – How to File an Insurance Claim
12-03 – Financial Terms
12-04 – Health Insurance Coverage

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