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Create a Facebook Fundraiser

Fundraise with Facebook

“How To” Instructions

  1. Make sure you’re logged into Facebook.
  2. Go to
  3. Decide on the amount, type of currency, and end date of your campaign- (most campaigns have a fundraising goal from $200 – $500, and most campaigns are active between two to four weeks).
  4. Hit “Next” -then choose a title and tell your story.
  5. Hit “Next” again- then choose a cover photo or video. If you don’t choose one, it will default to the picture shown as the current ALF cover image.

Your FB Fundraiser has been created! Now:

  • Invite friends or other members of a group that you are part of to donate. Encourage friends and family to promote your fundraiser to their group of friends on their Facebook page.
  • Your fundraiser dashboard is now available to you on your personal home screen or on the left column under “Fundraisers.” From this dashboard, you’re able to:
    • Invite others to view your campaign
    • Share your fundraiser as a post
    • See how many people have donated to your campaign
    • Edit the campaign
    • Add other organizers to your campaign, and even
    • Pledge to match donations with other contributors to your campaign


  • Currently, Facebook does not charge a fee to process a donation, so 100% of all amounts raised go to ALF
  • While “Birthday” fundraisers are the most popular (and Facebook starts to remind users that the feature is available one month prior to the day), a fundraiser can be created at any time, for any reason
  • Facebook Fundraisers are visible and searchable to the public
  • Explore button allows a user to search existing fundraisers, by keyword
  • Manage button takes user to tips and helpful suggestions

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