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Caregiver Support

As your loved one’s condition changes so will the roles you take on as a caregiver. Sometimes people find they are called upon to perform duties for which they are unprepared. Certain tasks may feel overwhelming. But there is help available. Many organizations offer caregiver training and resources to help you learn to do things safely and efficiently. And while most of these resources are not specific to people with HE, you’ll still find many tips and tools of value.

  •, website at
    A website and accompanying digital magazine that provides a variety of general information, tools, resources for all types of caregivers.
  • AARP, website at
    Offers free webinars, caregiver discussion groups, an online health record, a care provider locater to find home health care and other services near you, and many comprehensive educational resources. Their toll-free Caregivers Support Line is 1-877-333-5885.
  • American Red Cross, website at
    Offers a nine-module training program for caregivers or you can contact your local Red Cross chapter for information about community-based programs.
  • Family Caregiver Alliance, website at
    The FCA National Center on Caregiving provides Fact Sheets, discussion groups, telephone conferences and the Family Care Navigator, which provides state-by-state information on caregiving resources.
  • National Family Caregiver Association, website at
    Provides education, peer support and online resources.

In addition to investigating these organizations, speak to your loved one’s healthcare providers if you need help. Medicare (and in some states Medicaid) will pay for certain types of caregiver education if it’s provided as part of a patient’s medically necessary in-home visit.

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